Winning Netent slots

Playing and winning Netent slots is very easy. Read this article and make some quick bucks.

Do you know that Netent has scores of high-paying slots? To win them, you need to have lots of skills, patience, and of course luck. Netent was launched in the mid-1990s, and since then has become one of the leading gambling products in the world. You can read more about this firm at .

Understanding casino terminology

Some slots have high Return to Player scores. This means you have a high probability of recovering your investment on those slots. If you bet $1 on a slot having an RTP of 96%, 10 times, you are likely to get $9.6 back over a period of time. To understand more about RTP, click this link .

Slots that have high volatility carry high risk. You can win or lose large amounts of money very quickly. On the other hand, slots having low to medium volatility can reward with you small sums of money regularly. Players who are low on budget should play on low-medium volatility slots and avert losses.

Before playing a slot

Before you lay your first bet, read up all the instructions of your favourite game. Usually, all those instructions are hidden under the 'i' icon on your game screen. It is also a nice idea to play your game on demo mode before you place a real bet. Most of the Netent casinos have some games that have demo modes.

Even if you think you have mastered your game, start by laying small bets of money. There are ample slots which allow newbies to wager as low as 1 or 2 cents per spin. Look out for these slots. Also, you should stick to your bankroll. A bankroll is a budget. Don't overspend.


No Deposit Bonuses

Many Netent casinos offer Nod Deposit Bonuses to new players to lure them into their net. These bonuses don't require you to make any deposits; simply register yourself in one of those casinos and begin playing. Use these bonuses to unlock more benefits and wins. You need to spend a considerable amount of time to find these bonuses.

Also called free cash bonuses, No Deposit Bonuses don't require you to park your money at all. When you first register in a casino, a small amount of money is parked in your account automatically. Using this bonus, you can wager on games specified by that casino. Please note, you can't withdraw your No Deposit Bonus.

Casinos with low playthrough

Suppose you get free cash of $10 in your casino account. The casino says that you now need to bet 50x your bonus winnings. In this case, that amount will be $500 and it won't suit you if you have a low budget. Now search around for low playthrough games. These have lower wagering thresholds.

If a game has a threshold of 10x, this means you will have to wager 100$. Not a bad deal considering you are sticking to your budget. The moral of the story; look out for casinos or games that have low playthroughs. Save your surplus cash for more profitable gaming opportunities, free spins, etc.

Random versus Progressive Jackpots

In a progressive jackpot, several players pool their bets and play for big money. This jackpot keeps on increasing as more and more players come together and bet their monies. After a certain point, if a player does really very well, he gets to win a grand jackpot. Many gamblers think playing in progressive jackpots is a great idea.

However, these jackpots are programmed in a certain manner to reach a particular stage. On the other hand, a random jackpot can payout money at any stage of your game. It can give you money right at the word go or after a few sessions. More and more people are opting for random jackpots hoping to get quick wins.

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